Humane Fox Removal

We handle removal of nuisance animals in a humane and effective way. We have considerable experience in dealing with foxes, which are a danger to small children and domestic animals alike.

Our Service

Our fox removal service is humane and environmentally friendly. Our trained professionals are up to date on the latest rules and regulations governing the protection of foxes in Ireland. We use non-lethal techniques to capture foxes, then transport them safely to be released far away and in the wild.


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Irish Red Foxes

Red Foxes are native to Ireland. While not usually considered a pest, they nevertheless can be a serious nuisance – and potentially a danger to humans, especially around families with children. Foxes are seen more and more often in urban areas, as human cities inadvertently provide them with food and shelter.

Caution should be taken if you discover a fox living in your neighbourhood.

  • Do not ever leave out food for a fox, as this will only encourage it to stay.
  • Ensure bins are properly sealed and no food is left lying around.
  • Foxes are wild animals and may turn aggressive with little warning.

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